Six Tips for Buying Electronic Dart Boards

Electronic dart boards have the same numbers and dimensions as traditional boards. However, there are different things you should consider when buying these boards. This article will give you a few tips for buying electronic dart boards.

Target Area

One of the first things you should consider when buying electronic dart boards is their target area. The regulation size of this area is 15.5 inches. If you are buying the board for practice, you will need to choose one with the standard target area size. However, electronic dart boards can also come in smaller or larger sizes if you want to buy one.

Power Supply

Electronic dart boards will obviously need a power source to operate. Some boards can also support batteries. It’s best to choose from electronic dart boards that will support both AC power and battery power.


Some electronic dart boards let you play against the computer. This is a useful feature if you want to use the board to train. Some boards have a computer that will suggest targets for you to hit. You also want to see if the computer comes with different computer skill levels.


Electronic dart boards usually come with an array of games for you to play besides standard darts. The average number of games that come with these boards is 25. Some electronic dart boards will come with up to 50 additional games for you to play.


You should also take notice of how many darts come with the board. Most electronic dart boards come with six or 12 darts. If you plan on using the board for multiple players, it will be better to have more darts. Also, you should look to see if the board comes with extra tips in the event the others become damaged.


One of the final things you should look for when buying electronic dart boards is the display. Most boards will have an LED display. If possible, you should test the board to make sure that it is bright. You will also want to check to see if you can read it clearly from a distance.

These are a few tips for buying electronic dart boards. You should try to choose a design that supports both outlet power and battery power. Also, make sure any electronic dart boards you buy have a bright display that you can read from a distance.


Hold The Darts heading in the right direction: Helpful tips for Altering your Darts

Setting Up A Dartboard

Since I took the initiative to purchase a dartboard, I want to make sure that I set it up the right way. For years, I had always been out and about to play darts. Now that I have my own, I need to have it in a location where there is plenty of space to throw safely. How can I know the exact location for hanging it? Is there some sort of a formula that I need to look at to make sure that I have the correct distance from the floor? I am hoping that good instructions will be helpful.


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Darts 501

Let’s say that you throw 2 darts in the 20 section of the dart board and one dart in the 5 section. Your total for that round would be 45 points. You subtract that 45 points from 501 and your new total would be 456. You continue to do this until you reach zero. The first player to reach zero is the winner. However, all players need to throw equal rounds and if another player can also reach zero then there is a tie.

The game can get complicated by introducing a double in and a double out feature. On the dart board there are numbers from 1 to 20. There is also an outer bulls-eye and an inner bulls-eye. Each of the numbered sections has a double section and a triple section.


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1 (8)

To provide oneself the best possibility of successful and boosting your match, it’s important to possess the proper equipment. Low good quality or ruined darts just don’t come to feel with your arms, and blunt darts will bounce or stop trying much more usually. Broken plane tickets imply the dart is going to get off-target.

Under are great recommendations on obtaining the maximum good quality darts.


Most likely one of the most crucial factors when purchasing darts is precisely what the barrel is composed of. Whilst brass can be a very common substance, it is delicate, that means examine your grip will put on decrease with time. Nickel is actually a fantastic, economical alternative, but professional-quality darts are most often created from tungsten. As tungsten is basically large, darts which contains substantial proportions of it could be slimmer, permitting these to cluster a lot more tightly close to the board.

Excess weight

The load of the dart is essentially depending on personal decision. Greatest gamers use weights close to 22g, however, several desire kinds lighter or heavier. Ted Hankey’s are apparently 14g, while Phil Taylor’s are 26g. Some players use darts just as much as 30g or perhaps far more. The most effective way forward would be to test various darts and find out which suits your look.

Shafts and aircraft tickets

The scale on the shaft, and dimensions and shape of flight close to the darts will modify the situation they finish in the board. An prolonged shaft tilts the load in the direction of the rear from the dart, so it truly is much more possibly to become slanting upwards since it hits the prospective, because the reverse holds true for any shorter shaft. Larger, much more textured plane tickets result in a lot more drag and should also tilt the dart upward. The trick is through the use of a mixture that satisfies the way you throw along with a layout you want the feel of.

Expert participant models

If you are still not sure what darts to choose (and you’ll find numerous possibilities available), consider getting 1 utilised or endorsed by specialist avid gamers. Once the execs are utilizing them, they must be excellent. All the popular labels have these kinds of customized darts, and buying them could possibly be a nice technique to emulate your favorite player.


Your last thing to consider when acquiring darts could possibly be the model. Using a well-known title as an example harrows darts, Unicorn, Winmau or Focus on will virtually guarantee you get high-quality and very good price. There might be more affordable options available, nevertheless, you receive that which you purchase.

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